Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Ceba, Juan, Autor


1. Urban Sequence
The center of Zagreb it’s formed by an interesting sequence of squares and urban spaces. For example: From Ban Jelačić Square, to Ljekovita Blijka Market and then we could get to the Zagreb Cathedral. We would like to translate the same sequence to Badel Block. From Kvaternikov Sq., to Subica Market that will continue inside Badel Block and then a Square with Vlaska Factory as cultural and historical reference.
2. Conections
The border condition of this block it’s solved answering all the urban grids in a “multi-grid” building. The ground floor it’s a great square connecting all the existing streets. For example: the new building its open to Subica market treating to establish a complete square, and it’s also open to Matka Laginje St. continuation and all the transversal pass to Vlaska St. with a garden area.
3. Reference
It´s a must for the involution of this urban area make an important attraction point. The building reinforces the human and social scale of this entire neighborhood. And also situate it in an urban scale with a 24 floors building, being part of the Zagreb skyline.
6. Uses
The use of the entire complex it´s focused to cultural use. The old factory is an axis and around it´s all the rest. We enter to the complex for an urban market. Then we could get inside for a ramp to a commercial area thought to be a continuation with products to taste, with a cup of wine, walking around the crafts and food shops. At the next level it´s a great restaurant area and finally it´s a ramp connecting to the green roof, that it´s thought to be a public space with open summer cinemas.
It´s also 2 big theatres, that could be use like cinemas or conferences centers. At the other part of the complex are ateliers, offices, a hotel, a big Sport Center with Tennis, swimming pool and the housing tower.
We would like that all the complex will be a regeneration in all ways, being a support for all the new and young people of Zagreb; traders, designers, fashion designers, artist, architects…
Retail shops of big brands could be a way to develop all this economically but will never be an option to the spirit of a true urban regeneration.

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