Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Our proposal for Badel Block revolves around the aspects of:

Height: Relating to the towers of Zagreb four towers with heights from 9 to 25 floors rise at Badel Block. Different heights relate with different distances: the lower towers with the inmediate surroundings, the higher ones with Zagreb’s skyline. Badel Block is in this way an effectual gate to the city from the East, and a beacon for this area from a distance.

Careful relationship with surroundings: Orientation of buildings is marked by the surrounding’s spatial configuration, both of built mass and the public open spaces of the area. The proposal includes the concatenation of public spaces, at the new plazas, and with the existing market, square and park. Badel Block in its size, program, and morphology becomes an established centrality for this area of the city.

Formal configuration concepts:
Visual continuity at local scale and overall perception from a distance, resulting in a rhythmic setting of the towers; A superblock plan where pedestrian access is ensured with an east-west axis and small perpendicular passages in continuity with existing foot-routes; Integration of preserved built heritage into central program and physical insertion in new buildings; Breaking up of block for open space pockets of pedestrian scale.

Mobility: Although providing parking, focus is on pedestrian use of space. The high density demands adecuate public transport connections beyond the area of intervention. The new development represents the opportunity to link city centre and Badel Block with traffic calmed streets.

Balanced program: Residential, commercial and cultural are divided into equal parts on site.

Flexible development: Possibilities exist from one investor for the whole development to separate investors per tower/premise.

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