Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The idea of Badel block development is based on the traditional urban block image. To enhance the quality of the area, part of the block is elevated, thus transforming the block into a continuous volume with open spaces in 3 dimensions and leaving space for public areas and the preserved building. Unity of the structure and strong sense of block internal space are main features of the concept.

On the street level diverse spatial effects are created in a combination of open and closed spaces and easy connections and openings of the courtyard to the surrounding streets, providing easy pedestrian access. Together with mixed use of the buildings this offers possibilities for 24-hour activity of the area, necessary for the city center.

The top of the structure rises above the existing buildings on the site, leaving part of the city views from the apartments of the existing residential block. The alignment of the top volume to the Kvaternikov Trg to the east and the current market square and park to the south is providing a new landmark to the squares and the park and a visual link with the modern part of the city.

The traffic scheme is developed with perimeter access to the underground levels from 3 surrounding streets. Service and loading is provided at level -1, car parking at 3 underground levels. Inside the block a pedestrian public space is created.

The project offers a flexibility of functional program that could be adapted to the needs of the time.

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