Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

silađin, branko, Autor
Ćurić, Margareta, Suradnik
G, Marina, Suradnik
dujmovic, marino, Izrada vizualizacije
jurkovic, dalibor, Konzultant za promet
Carević, Milan, Konzultant za zaštitu od požara i zaštitu na radu


The social and urban transformation has in the recent decades alterred the structure of architectural requirements in general and in this particular area, and has devastated the existing character of the part of Zagreb. The main focus of this proposal is the definition of new urban potential of one of Zagreb''s most valuable and historic urban space.
The block is the fundamental element of the urban morphology of this part of the city and its identity, and it is read as the obligatory source of urban form.

Following the historic, urban and spatial potentialitieas of the place, our proposal proposes an architectural solution we see as Zagreb Downtown East, the new Zagreb''s urban core that reastablishes the historical focal identity and meaning of this area of town.
The current condition is marked by the traffic pattern of streets that instead of connecting the pattern of blocs serve as the barriers within the urban matrix. This fact, together with the unavoidable need for commercial spaces of a shopping mall as the new form of public space and an economic force of urban development, establish the following principles of our proposal:
-the interior of the block as the dominant public space, in this case revolving around the redefined historical building
-the street edge formed as transparent membrane, enabling physical and visual contact with the interior courtyard
-the multilayered and vertically intervowen assemblage of public, hospitality, commercial and cultural programs
-the elevated green landscaped surface raised on the level of the block''s roof edge, forming park areas, children playgrounds and kindergartens
-housing in the city core and above the city green in the two residential towers, with uninterrupted city views and direct contact with the city

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