Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


It is substantial for Badel block''s present appearance, that the distillery building in its center has become a landmark and an important factor of the surrounding area''s identity. One of the foundations of this work is an opinion that the new development of the site should not deny this circumstance. Contrary, the distillery should continue to be a visible spatial element, accented and highlighted by the new layout. On the other hand, the proposed solution should create space responding to current needs, problems and technical possibilities which, while corresponding with site''s identity, would create an iconic, modern answer itself. Furthermore, as this is an ideas competition meant to be followed by social consultations, other competitions and public-private partnership of yet unknown structure the overall design should be flexible in terms of possible ways of incorporating.
The above has been achieved by developing a very simple scheme. New buildings have been laid out to create a sequence of squares around the distillery building, treated as a central point of the plan. These squares would be accessed through small openings in surrounding streets frontage . Additionally, a deliberate differentiation of visual characteristic has been planned. The frontage facades situated on outer borders of the block are supposed to continue all spatial rules of it''s surroundings (straight frontage building continuous street line with similar material choices), while the inner facades forming the squares around the distillery are entirely different: all of it''s surface not used for lighting purposes is to be biologically active (covered with greenery) and form changing, curved shapes, with gradual height differentiation – lowest near the old buildings, highest far from them.

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