Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

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The intervention following the indication of the announcement is aimed at asynthetic composition capable of grafting a proper "urban andenvironmental regeneration of the area". The composition of this redevelopment is drawn from some important design choises: 1- housing: the inclusion of a new building for residential purposes could be acompatibility problem with the public duties of the lot. In fact, the placement of this new building allows the restricted area to complete the residential area adjacent to mediate between it and the new public area. 2- space management: the creation of an executive area, made up of banks on the ground floor, medical offices on the first floor and offices on the second floor, find the correct insertion of the large building called "Gorica Factory", clearly visible in the car along the great path Subiceva and certainly distinctive whole area; 3- hotel: the creation of a luxury hotel in the center of the new civic square, it definitely creates a new identity of the lot is well marked; 4- cultural center: the birth of a great cultural center, with multifunctional spaces make the whole area a real point of their social gatherings; 5- mall: one also sees the birth of a major shopping center, consisting of shops and a bar with a restaurant, the last one located on the first floor of the former distillery; 6) parking: there are thus in the underground: 82 residential parking spaces, 40 parking spaces exclusive of the hotel and then 400 public parking spaces.
The presence of multiple functions, well balanced between if you do that results in a new expressive architectural identity.

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