Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Hootsmans, Rob, Autor
Smit, Monique, Koautor
Alvarado, Carlota, Projektni tim
Ballero, Stefania, Projektni tim


Our proposal, Badel Market Park, adds a new attraction to Donji Grad.
Fragmented pieces of public space are combined into one cohesive urban park. Its ‘monumental’ scale relates to other important public spaces in Zagreb, like the famous green ‘horse shoe’.

In order to achieve a cohesive pedestrian structure for Badel Market Park, car traffic is redirected from Pavla Subica Street through Marticeva and Heinzelova Street. Being less of a pedestrian hurdle, tram traffic is still running through Subiceva street .

The new building mass forms a clear urban volume, aligned with its surroundings. Like Madrid’s Plaza Mayor, a new square, named Badel Trg, is saved from the interior. Badel Trg can be reached through smaller streets from all sides of the block, accessible from Vlaska, Derencinova, Marticeva and Subiceva Street.

The existing market at Subiceva Street will be covered by a new, slender solar roof.
Badel Trg, Kvaternikov Trg and Park Bartula Kasica form a recognisable ensemble within Badel Market Park. Each square will have its own specific market identity. The local economy of the area will be strengthened by the new programme of the Badel Block, ranging from e.g. the Badel wine and spirits museum to the Gorica design hotel. Programmatically, aged buildings are used as urban anchors. Existing facades are restored, being brought back to the original state.

The socle of the Badel Block consists of four floors. Its clear structure offers freedom for different users to settle down, be it a tiny eatery, media offices or a big new hotel. On top, a green roof is introduced. It can be developed as an ecological cityscape with housing volumes of three floors. Here one lives and works in the middle of the city, and in the middle of lushious green.

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