Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

De Fouquet, Marc, Autor
Zamora, Esteban, Autorski suradnik
Galli, Milo, Autorski suradnik
Belmahi, Amin, Autorski suradnik
Hebia, Imad, Autorski suradnik


The urban location, the history, morphology, and heritage of the Badel block has led us to develop it into a shared and symbolic public space. We want to create a real landmark in the city center. The continuity of the public spaces towards the market place and the Bartola Kašića park allows for access to the heart of the public city center. Two buildings facing the market place create a main entrance to the heart of the city center. Between the other buildings (habitations, offices, hotels) there are other access points and perspectives to preserve the strong link between the street and the Gorica Distillery.

In the heart of the city center, a park will be created. This park offers facilities (sports and culture) as well as places for recreation (green spaces, lawns, coffee houses, restaurants) for all generations. The park allows visitors to walk around the building of the Distillery which will become a destination point, a living museum. It will contain a museum of the site’s history, places for exhibitions, an auditorium, rooms for associations, and a panoramic viewpoint.

To preserve the link with the history of the site, we propose establishing an industrial program in the Gorica Factory. Machines and studios for fabrication will be for rent. This is give access to high quality production to craftsmen, small businesses, designers, and schools that don’t have the capital to buy expensive machines. Here they can go above the limits of specialized studios (textile, wood, metal, …) by producing prototypes and limited editions which mix techniques from different industrial sectors. On the ground floor, a sales space, Show Room, will allow for the promotion of this work as well as of industrial innovation in Croatia.

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