Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Kvaternik sq. with the Badel Block, city’s entrance&toll gate in the past, should remain the symbolic gateway of the historical Lower Town.
Redevelopment of the entire Block is proposed. We must transform the ruling vehicle-friendly attitude into a people-friendly(pedestrians&bikes) one.
Instead of the dominant mix of residential and commercial Land use, we opt for
a more socio-ecological balanced one, so there will be more open public spaces, with appropriate facilities.
Introduction of diagonal pedestrian directions, with the variety of(centrally positioned) open public areas, encompassed by new low-rise bldgs., should contribute to the break-up of the prevailing orthogonal urban grid(with dense building patterns).
Removal of planned dilapidated bldgs., and all courtyard auxiliary structures within the whole Block, with the chosen morphology of new bldgs., interwoven with the preserved&converted ones, the variety and the pattern of pedestrian spaces&paths, will transform this inaccessible block into a very accessible one.
The closure of general traffic(except for the public transport, emergency and supplying vehicles during off-hours) in Šubićeva St., from Martićeva St. till the Hotel(garage access) is foreseen. Better connections of open public spaces-Kvaternik sq., Green Market and Bartola Kašića Park will be achieved.
The anticipated use of building&finishing materials, foreseen multi-stage(phase) development, jointly contribute to the achievement of the major design task-an environmentally-friendly and ecologically sustainable property redevelopment.
All this, along with the high standard of accompanying technical infrastructure, should guarantee a vibrant community in a lively neighborhood, during day&night.

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