Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Proposed solution for BADEL block, in this case
includes all the necessary aspects
of good organization external
and internal spaces.
New solution needs a good relation with existing
neighboring blocks of different purposes.
In the immediate vicinity are located
favorable points for the development,
of now abandoned, high quality space of BADEL BLOCK.
The solution proposes new organization of pedestrian corridor,
which would become a strong link between the existing urban design.
Besides the connections between blocks,
pedestrians could, on their path through the block,
be educated on the subject "days through the year".
For instance March 22nd is the Worlds Water Day.
This is done through a covered walkway that begins from Derenčin street,
and includes the main building of the former distillery,
which is in a new proposed solution
converted into a cultural building with space for major events and areas
where it is possible to have presentation of
given day throughout the year with related topic for that day.
Outer facade of the former distillery building, would be rebuilt to its original form.
While the adaptation of interior space would also change its functions.
once in the role of distillery, today would be
CULTURAL CENTER of thematic events
and for socializing. Gallery organization
meets requirements of representativeness space,
which is now in disrepair.
Outer side fo building is dominated by elevated constructed
part which also highlights the main entrance to the building. With redevelopment,
block would recieve boost of QUALITY OF URBAN LIFE and would
attract users to other facilities. EDUCATIONAL CENTRE would be
organized in the building with guarded northern wall, which would be
fully keept and renovated.

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