Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Medak, Mirta, Autor
Kincl, Branko, Autor
Breka, Ana, Autor
Mustać, Zrinka, Autor
Zlatec, Katarina, Suradnik - dizajn


A Block Booster and a Joy Factory is an architectural concept made of the classic Lower Town block, communication spiral (booster) on the inner side, distillery Arko (Joy Factory) at the center and the public platform on the roof. In this way, the complex structure of a content and ambienceis obtained. This project is something of a homagge to Zagreb''s block, and mainly to its forgotten and abandoned courtyard, which now becomes the new place of a meeting and interaction. Well articulated ground floor is organized around distillery, consisting of areas with various environmental values, the network of open and closed spaces (pedestrian paths, passages that lead to all the vital points in the surrounding, squares and covered places
On the central square ramp leads to the booster. Booster spiral consists of streets, squares, parks, ramps and bridges, it is a platform of possibilities, that "parasites" the block interior creating a humane environment and stimulating social interaction,where the diversity, complexity and effectiveness are generating events. Various facilities within the block in that way are experiencing its expansion in outer space, making Booster interesting for the observer and the observed. The spiral ends on a public platform roof, offering views of the city and its symbols.
A simple form of a block and its spaciousness can accommodate a multitude of programs either one single destination or multiple individual activities or tenants organized on 3 underground and 7 above ground floors. Arko distillery in the center of block, not only because of its location but also because of high ambiental value is home to a cultural center that is the basis for all cultural (and other) activities with an emphasis on education as an generator of social transformation.

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