Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Santos, Hugo, Voditelj projekta


High Density / Low Rise

Our quest is to set an array of lively functions on a non-defined place, expanding the limitations of scale and diversity to it’s maximum potential; and by extent, to settle a distinctive urban value that may embody the urge for public renewal and adaptation.

While shifting from a industrial layout to a wide intersection of activities, meeting the objective needs of the surrounding area in terms of added value to the urban landscape and the investment, we aspire to comply with the high density premise in a way that may not be seen as a burst from the unity and scale of the old city, but deriving from it. Far from neglecting the discourse on the benefits of high rise designs, our global understanding for this specific site is driven by a sense of a more tactile gesture towards it, rather than a disruptive reaction to it. In a way, our proposal is guided by an aspiration of unity and cohesion that was never present in Badel Block. Surely, the outcome will emphasise the gap in time between the old and the new additions as they emerge in parallel lines, but it is in that same mirror view that we set our goal to cross-over our common perception of time and space.

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