Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Zammit, Christian, Autor
Sammut, Alexine, Autorski suradnik


The Badel Block played a significant role in Zagreb’s industrial development. The block is located in the midst of downtown Zagreb. The proposal executes the desires of the site, its development potential, and the need for public space. A clear direction to maximise public space was reinforced by the creation of a perimeter wall. This depth is ideal for natural light infiltration, ensuring that internal spaces of offices, houses, public and communal facilities are all bathed in natural light.
The idea is to create an urban space rather than one main building. Sheltered from weather, surrounded by work places, residential communities, retail and socio-cultural spaces, this new piazza will create new possibilities for every conceivable activity, ranging from open air theatre, public meeting space, conferences, festivals, markets, film shows and many more. This space should retain its speculative value by accommodating multiple occupation scenarios. The other, northern façade that currently faces Badel Administrative Building closes a volume that holds within it flexible office space.
The second floor was removed, to make space for a media gallery. To the left of the site a community centre fans towards the Badel block. This houses a youth and teen centre, childcare facilities and life long learning spaces. Most enjoy private terraces and ample communal green spaces. Office spaces are flexible and can hold conference rooms, meeting spaces as well as smaller, intimate offices. Most of the ground floor is liberated as the perimeter wall is lifted to free the space for the public. At one point the landscape is pushed underground to create another dimension to the piazza and add retail spaces.

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