Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Located in the Lower Town, the surroundings of Badel factory take part of Zagreb` s most common typology:BLOCK. Not used to intervene in the center of these blocks, the attractions are distributed around the perimeter, not allowing the public to come inside. Respecting the concept of a block and history of former industrial zone, we propose our solution opening it to public, among others using buildings of industrial heritage and turning them into focal points of Badel` s courtyard. The social interaction that Kvaternik square possessed was one of the main goals we wanted to achieve. Reviving streets and courtyard of Badel block with squares, passages, parks and culture pavilions we tend to improve the existing concept of Zagreb´s blocks. We distribute the required area in 4 high-rises that would become the landmark of this part of Zagreb that lost its identity, still keeping the traditional perimeter and height of block with lower structures. Diverse passages are the ones that make possible pedestrians to enter through the structures inside the block. Lower structures are enriched with terraces and green roofs creating new spaces where residents can interact. We implement various purposes. The west side of the block is residential. City hotel is located on the crossing of Subiceva and Marticeva street with its wellness and sports addition. Business area is a high-rise on Subiceva street and culture is integrated inside the block surrounded with greenery. Commercial area is distributed throughout the ground floor of entire block, not wanting to locate it into one single container, considering Zagreb is already overcrowded with such architecture. Ground floor is open to customers and passers by. Pedestrians are a part of Kvatric (Badel) area again.

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