Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Burdjiev, Ivan, Autorski suradnik
Aleksandrov, Ivan, Autorski suradnik


We got used already to see old factory or industrial district being transformed into lofts, museums, galleries... And always the culture as a factor is dominating. The list is long but let us note the two museums opened last year in Krakow, located on the territory of the old Shindrler’s factory. And also the new London’s Brooklyn - Shordich district.
We have to write down data and figures. But they all show predominantly - investments in art and culture are stable, profitable and perspective.
Guided by these considerations and regarding the competition program, we have formulated our vision: Badel district – NEW PLACE IN ZAGREB.
Preserved building and remains of an industrial past communicate with modern architectural chic.
Completed with "factory"-construction replicas in the context of the location’s memory.
Facades which convertible architecture is the background of a colorful "poster" clearly announcing the NEW ART CENTER IN ZAGREB - wide open "doors" from boulevards and streets to open and covered interior spaces.
A metamorphosis which is to create the atmosphere of attractive center for social networking.
Boiling with events and creative energy. Faned by sublime spirit of freedom and eccentricity.
A place where artists and visitors coexist in the colorful diversity of art - unsettling in the day and night hoopla.
And if anyone asks - who is the architect? The answer is - "Everyone is an architect. Everything is architecture" says Hans Hollein in 1967.

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