Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

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Orsini, Alessandro, Autor arhitektonskog rješenja
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The proposed vision for the Badel site develops an urban intervention that preserves the local identity and its urban values.
The design takes place from a deep analysis of the existing urban fabric, and the relationship between functions and speed. We Were able to redistribute functions according to a chart were the fastest commercial functions, shops, supermarket and retail, would have been relocated on the edge of the site in direct connection with traffic and the rest of the city fabric creating economical tension and reconnecting the site to the existing fabric. Introverted in the new created public plaza within the site other functions were injected to revitalize: restaurants, cafes, and cultural activities with slower pace speed.
The new buildings are conceived as an ascending platform spiraling above the old buildings and touching the ground in specific moments, creating new functions and vertical circulation that allows the user to reach the public areas above the plaza like the open-air cinema and the roof gardens.
The design aims to preserve and refurbish the Gorica factory and the Yeast factory to symbolize the industrial heritage of the city of Zagreb.
The new injected mixed functions provide to the site a place for a range of social activities: boutique hotel, artist loft for workshops, the museum of the industrial heritage, center for tourism and bookstores.
The design process is primarily based on a strong commitment to sustainability using passive means, that is, by firstly considering the building form and envelope and how it can influence and modify the environment within it. There is also a strong commitment to minimise carbon emissions, by the selection of the most carbon efficient energy source and considering the use of renewable technologies.

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