Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


In order to integrate and define the perimeter of the Badel site, the first action was to complete all the built fronts of the block. The new built mass is structured around a new central park. On the eastern side, on the most prominent location, we propose a high-rise volume - an essential visual reference for the Badel block and a new landmark for the east Lower Town.
Car traffic is organized along a new connection between Derencinova and Subiceva streets. The parking places are accommodated on the underground floors and we propose a one-way traffic pattern with right-side turns entrance and exit.
The volumes that define the exterior of the block are continuously linked on the upper floors, creating a seamless connection between the existing buildings. The ground floor and the first floors are fragmented in order to facilitate pedestrian access and to create visual connections. The function on these floors is mainly commercial. An open-air circulation links the retail spaces on the first floor and connects the main access points to the interior of the block.
The refurbished distillery building accommodates a cultural center, exhibition and performance spaces. The Gorica distillery facade is preserved and integrated into the new front. Another preserved element is the northern facade of the former access gate. A pavilion-like structure kept within the dimensions of the original entrance building is proposed. It accommodates an information center, a small gallery and a café.
The residential units are located on the west and south side of the complex.
Our principal focus in the spatial and functional allocation was to create an “inside-out” block, a central courtyard that would be permeable to pedestrian flows and interesting enough to attract and sustain urban activity.

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