Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The ‘Badel+’ proposal for Badel Block is based on an idea of inserting a new multifunctional neighborhood into the traditional city fabric of Zagreb, transforming the block into a spatial activator for the Lower City, and an extension of city center. Being a hybrid of different already locally existing typologies, the proposal comprises of a whole range of different activities, combining them into a new exciting whole that at the same time perfectly fits into the existing urban pattern while giving various new qualities fit for a city of the 21st century.
A driving image for Badel+ is of a new block acting as a final destination of all the major east-west pedestrian and traffic trajectories in central Zagreb, a place that would shift the public idea of a city center eastward, and of the new, elevated Badel plaza as a crown of this long, city-wide route.
The new plaza is dedicated to preservation of traditionally present industrial iconography while transforming industry into culture. The historical Badel building in the center is preserved and retooled as a multifunctional structure, housing the Badel Company history museum, while also acting as a physical connection point of the multiple spatial and programmatic levels of the new block.
Besides environmental, social and economical sustainability is the ultimate goal of the proposal, achieved by designing the conditions for the optimal new life of Badel. This is where Badel becomes Badel+. The proposal is based on an idea of providing the added value for every user while retaining the optimum in spatial distribution and density. A specific mix between cultural and commercial programs in the public zone aims at developing the new kind of local community, one that would have all the benefits of contemporary urban living.

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