Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Ramadhan, Adam, Autor
Prakasa, Gian, Izrada vizualizacije
Pramesti, Rochana, Autor programa


Considering the position of Badel block in urban context, it has strength aspects and an opportunity which could be explored to generate a landmark for its surrounding and wider city area, such as: the site is simbolically represented as an entering point into Donji Grad at North-West vertex; across Subiceva street is a traditional market place which it has important role in Zagreb''s urban life; it is an architectural heritage site because it contains full of industrial buildings from the past which are intended to be preserved; it has a strategic position in urban accessibility due to Subiceva street is one of the major streets of Zagreb. Unfortunately, at present days, the existing buildings on the site are unmaintenanced; their construction are decaying; and the surrounding is having degradation both phisically and economically; with the exception of the Market Place which still has its activity pulse.

Based on those urban facts identification above, our design theme is to create a new identifier, which it means to reinvent identity of Badel block and its surround with consideration should be taken on the relation to the existings and the continuity of space as well as environment, both physically and socially.

In reference to design theme, design approaching strategies will be based in term of: place making, economic generator, community landmark, heritage preservation, green space, spatial continuity which will be referred to spatial concept of functional zones and orientation, and important spatial connection which will be achieved by continuous space and continuous pedestrian access.

Keyword: identity

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