Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Freitas, Cláudia, Autor
Pereira, João, Suradnik
Martins, Joao, Suradnik
Maia, Daniel, Suradnik


Badel Block. Embracing new urban spaces, creating new memories.
The presented idea focuses on creating a new Badel Block that works as a dynamic center providing urban activities and revitalizing socially and economically all the area that evolves it.
Therefore, our proposal is set in five structuring principles:
-the cultural heritage of industrial character’s revitalization
-creating a new, contemporary identity for the block
-designing a careful dialogue between constructed and non constructed spaces
-projecting a contemporary block respecting the pre-existing buildings
-organize urban coherency between green spaces, squares and buildings in the Badel Block and inserted in Zagreb’s urban logic
Our solution is drawn creating a vivid contrast between public and private, built and non built spaces. The non built space matches the proposal of a big square that aims to be integrated in an existing circuit of squares and gardens that pop up in Zagreb, alongside the Subicéva Street, thus integrating itself in the already consolidated city urban web. On the other hand, this new square complements the big Park Bartula Ka[i]a next to the market. This suggested the drawing of a solid square, focused in the day-to-day living of its users by being surrounded by a series of programs that enable a constant way of living.
By opposition, the built space matches sensitively, half of the intervention area, thus balancing the two elements of the composition. This built space acts as a mediator between the open and wide public space and the pre-existing buildings inside and outside the block. It is designed as an embracing element that surrounds the main square and establishes the boundaries of the block redefining its image, thus taking to the everyday users a more human scale.

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Status projekta Natječaj


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