Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The project tries to re- compose the typical structure of the former block by concentrating most of the volumes along its southern borders, while leaving its central part to public spaces and facilities. The overall layout of the buildings moves over different layers according to their functions and relations to the surrounding: thus the foot of the buildings aligns to the streets and hosts retail stores and services directly connected to public spaces in and outside the block. Right above the volumes are mostly dedicated to commercial and residential functions while the upper part, along with the existing volume belonging to the former distillery, hosts cultural and leisure facilities. Here the buildings take a shift and lean to the central part of the area interacting with the existing volume, now converted into a cultural center. Also, trying to valorize and treasure the distillery the new architectures stand beside and interact with the former in a more subtle way rather than touch or link it. The suspended volumes allow a connection that is more ideal than physical and grant a conspicuous public space around the buildings. Thus the rooftop of the former distillery turns into an open-air stage where performances and shows can take place, while the upper parts of the new buildings become terraces to watch the show from.

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