Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Balkansky, Maxim, Autor
slavov, nikolai, Konzultant


The project is a combination of a park, a place for relaxation, culture, art and events. It aims to pay more attention to people’s passion and creativity. The passion for art of the entrepreneur, who built the old industrial building, is also part of the story. The idea of the project is to create an environment which would supply the background to many events. For that purpose simple shapes like circles are used.

The project is harmonious and brings calm and pleasant atmosphere. The new conception is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. There is a sculpture park in the area as well as a small hall and a place where people can meet. The shape of the grass areas stops the city noise.

The two old factories have been completely renovated and the façade of one of them (the one next to the street) is now used as a stage and a place for outdoor projections. The purpose of both buildings is related to everything happening in the plot: museum of modern art; places for creative meetings, exhibitions, restaurants, cafes, a night club, etc.

There is a parking under one of the green areas, an exhibition hall and commercial areas under the other two. All these green areas are intent to communicate with the people walking along the street. Another thing that can be found in the plot is a multifunctional hall.

The ground which came from the parking places is used for the green areas. The parking has access to natural light and ventilation. The commercial and exhibition spaces next to the street are also very well-isolated. Glass sliding doors are helping to open the exhibition space to the public. There are solar collectors on the roof of the factory building next to the street. Without putting much effort a part of the city might be created where creativity could home.

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