Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


There are several features to be preserved inside the site. They are the characteristics of the context around, the value of the Zagreb’s block as well as to be preserved buildings. Essential feature of the Badel block is the spatial quality created from its shape and configure and the urban connectivity with the context through the pathways. The figure-ground which generates the courtyard is most important feature to be preserved, so enabling the connectivity throughout the figure as well as meeting the required area of the programs would be the key issue of this project.

Unhappy result came out after putting a generic mass of the required volume on the site. There would be several ways to decreasing the massive image of the volume, and I chose to make whole building as terraced landscape. Putting all the programs in towers has advantage of good usage of ground area, however the height can kill the beautiful scenery of the city. The disadvantage of terraced option is the depth of the building in lower levels and that can block the connectivity between the inner courtyard and neighborhood. Thus, I floated 3 stories upward on the Marticeva st side and that made wide and direct connection between the street and inner courtyard and secret garden. Good features of terraced building are the easiness of making building green and sustainable. The building sloped down toward the preserved distillery building on three sides, and three terraces generate the strong focus onto the historical building. That is why I arranged roof venue on the building to be stages of the Badel block, when there is a music performance on the roof venue, all the terraces become the audience seatings. Inside the courtyard, I arranged a secret garden it is because people outside of the block cannot see the garden. All the terraces are toward south, thus it is good to have sunlight into the building. These gestures of making the block green continues to the highest level, the sky garden on 12th floor. Although inner terraces are extruding toward the courtyard, on the streets side, terraces are pushed into the buildings and that offer spaces to have green surface onto the street side.
The preserved Distillery building will be renovated to host a gallery for various exhibitions and on the roof floor, it will be a place for party and music performances. On the third floor, there will be supporting rooms for the roof venue. On the day of concert on the roof, all the people using the building can enjoy the music on the terraces, then the terraces function as giant audience seats. People will watch on the show as well as the building, thus the Distillery building become the main focus of the block. The preserved south wall inside the courtyard will be used to build a Badel pavilion. Paviliion will be used for community purposes such as conference and events. The facades of Gorica factory will be preserved as they are and new façade of the building will be built by side and from the fourth floor. The contrast between the new façade and the preserved façade will tell the essential philosophy of the development of this block.
Public programs from the basement levels to the skypark as well as the potential usage of the roof venue will attract neighbors as well as visitors from outside of the city, thus the spatial and programmatic arrangement of the building will act an important role for social and economic enhancement. With lots of green surface on the building, users can anticipate the betterment of the life and relationship with people and nature.

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