Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Ivanovic, Tamara, Autor
Trzin, Tatjana, Konzultant


The Badel identity is all about experiment. Where Mijo Arko started experimenting in his backyard with his distillery, the city demands a new brew. We propose an EVOLUCITY. A evolving city, changing, learning and experimenting in the Badel spirit. An engine for urban transformation, for creativity, innovation and social development.
Our proposal reflects this experimental attitude. A simple, yet effective spatial structure of loose urban volumes continues the original constellation of the industrial buildings. Its individuality offers flexibility for future changes and experimentation: a ‘mix to the max’ program of retail, offices, cultural, sports, food, social spaces and housing. At the same time they are highly interdependent: its contrast and diversity creates the tension for urban life to unfold.
Superposed, urban living is literally taken to the next level: by hovering a ‘traditional‘ housing block above the Badel area, unique inner-city qualities are offered. Unique private qualities combined with collective spaces on the inside of the block. Within a simple linear structure, an endless diversity of housing typologies can embrace an enormous social diversity, a step towards social sustainability.
Together, the snake and the public base are a vertical mini-city, embodying all the essentials for vital urban life. A seemingly contradictory relation between a block and an anti-block has become synergetic.
With this experiment we want to bring Zagreb to the next level. Our approach is based on flexibility and transformation, a base for urban, social sustainability. Our proposal starts with the existing urban identity, evolving towards a new Badel.

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