Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Bello, Carlos, Autor


Preserving open space
The plan proposes the creation of a pedestrian development with three main components, a residential unit on the western side of the site, a cultural-recreation-services unit in its central part and an open square with commercial services on its eastern side. A pedestrian network connects these units and the surroundings. Using a reduced density of buildings on the site’s borders the proposal tries to preserve its open space as an urban value in line with the traditional open blocks of the city centre. For the same purpose, preserving open space, an area has been defined for production of bio-agriculture inside the site.
Western unit

This includes three buildings with residential and commercial uses, a single tower of twelve floors with offices on the first four floors and eight residential floors and another two towers of twelve floors with commerce on the first four floors and the rest residential. The north-south orientation of the buildings gives residents and workers sunlight during morning and afternoon.
An area of 2400 square meters in front of these buildings is reserved for bio-agriculture to produce fresh vegetables of high quality.

The central unit

Formed by the two historic buildings to be preserved and reused with two new low buildings completing the programme. Cultural, recreational, educational, commercial activities are the main objectives of this unit.

Eastern unit

Formed by a public open square, located in front of the market with a commercial five floors building on its eastern side. It is an attempt to create a social commercial recreational space open to the neighbourhood and visitors.


A parking with capacity for residents and visitors is located in the underground level of the site.

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