Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Hadimuljono, Erel, Autor
Tanuwidjaja, Gunawan, Autor urbanističkog rješenja
Kolondam, Goya Tamara, Autor urbanističkog rješenja
Dasmanto, Hermawan, Autor programa


In our reading of every urban development there is always a conflict between public space and private domain, and sometimes it always won by private domain, outgrowing its public space. A way should be create to empowering the status of public space, while create a flexible space for private domain to grow, in short term we projected a space for public and private domain to support one of the other.
Our strategies in Badel Block, first, we want to empower its public space. By creating a dynamic spatial within the courtyard, an endless projected visual within the courtyard. A special arrangement take place, using an urban epoche and pythagoras theorem we projected building mass in order to create multiple courtyards that emphasize in sequence of pedestrians.
Second, a network of pedestrian is created from Badel Block’s perimeter into its core, which is its protected building (Yeast Factory). What we are expected is a series of spatial experience for pedestrian, enjoying and using every courtyard they found along the journey. By this, again, we hope it will trigger a dynamic use of courtyards and appreciation for its protected buildings.
Third, these courtyards are shaped and scaled base on consideration of multiple activities and arrangements. By doing so we can accommodate a temporary structure that can support a temporary activities, a pneumatic structure that is suspended from below. It will help Badel Block in order to create a dynamic visual of its sky line and interior view.
Fourth, the protected buildings is arranged in a way that they become a center of Badel Block, a spot destination for its visitor. Its appreciation is expected by people who see these protected buildings from up-close. While its function converted into a cultural centre, it helps Badel Block to promote once again Zagreb’s cultural and social hegemony and its people.
To sum up our proposal for Badel Block, our expectation with this proposal is to create an endless experience of discovery and exploration of Zagreb’s resident and visitor within Badel Block. We assumed by doing this, it can trigger a dynamic, creative, and humanized urban development in Badel Block

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