Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The new neighborhood is surrounded by buildings, which leaves a free main part at the center of the happening, separated from the street by the buildings. In the meantime pedestrian and cycling access is allowed to as many places as possible. In this way we have a diagonal-based park and many zones for relaxing along its side. At the intersections of the second coordinate system north-south a few city square spaces are available as well. All of these places should complete its meaning and function by the needs and desires of its future inhabitants and visitors. One pedestrian, yet green backbone, is foreseen, on whose axis we will be able to reach any important spot in the neighborhood, meet friends, rest after work or visit a cultural happening outdoors.
Separate waste collection is foreseen, as well as collection of rain water in order to water all of the green areas, and also for the maintenance of the water areas and fountains, which will provide enough coolness for the people outside or provide water for fire needs and cooling of the new building. Majority of breakthroughs on the levels of the big residential building could be used for the montage of wind turbines, which together with the sun collectors, montaged on every flat roof of the newly built buildings will provide one ecological energy efficiency of the new neighborhood. The short roofs of the buildings will turn into green roof-terraces, which will provide relaxing views to the park, as well as give their share in reducing the heat for the floors beneath them. All of the newly built buildings will be passive and energy efficient buildings, having zero or lowest possible consumption of energy, as well as exhausted harmful emissions.

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