Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Badel Block quarter is different from others in its size and fact that it doesn’t have well defined borders, instead its northern side is made of several free standing units and southern part is haphazardly developed and partly empty.

Because of the considerable size of the Block two lanes are proposed, dividing it into three rows of buildings, northernmost existing and two newly designed. The lane which lays south of the distillery is the main public space of the competition territory and backbone of the spatial layout. Second lane, on the other side of that building, is the main access road to structures in the middle row.

Three inviting ''entrance points'' are proposed on Subiceva (opposite the marketplace), Martinceva (opposite the office building) and Derencinova (opposite the school) streets. These green, public areas should attract passers-by providing insight into Badel Block interior.

Of the three ''rows'' of buildings middle one is divided into four solids, which refers to its northern neighbours. Two residential buildings at both ends are linked to already present multi-family houses. Central space in the row, and whole Block, is taken by Museum of Industry and Design divided into distillery building with exhibition spaces and new wing with service functions.

Southern row partly borrows its solid form from neighbouring across the Marticeva street office building. It is cut through according to sighting directions though, to avoid overwhelming appearance of said office block. It consists of a 4 star hotel and, behind yeast factory''s preserved wall, new complex of office and commercial buildings. It is partly hidden behind the wall and only one floor of open office space and of shops (on the other side of the maintained roof) rise above.

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