Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The project main goal is to create an urban enclosure in the dense city tissue. The Badel site is the only still not fully developed site in this part od the Zagreb city. The urban structure of the project is composed by two organisms – the first one creates a surrounding ring with new builidngs corresponding the existing houses and continuing their frontage alignment. The second „organism” lives inside this enclosure with the old distillery as the main focusing point. Beside the Old Disillery building the new pavillion is situated along with a central square creating a unique union and meeting place. The idea is to create a space in which all the functions coexist is perfect symbiosis, although preserving it''s solitarity and self-sufficiency when required.
The design idea was to create a block which fully corresponds with the historical form and traditional idea of the urban block – with it''s ring of houses and a inner courtyard. The project sustains the form of a block in it''s traditional and theoretic idea and adds a new quality with a conteporary form of architecture.

Inner courtyard

The concept proposes to adapt the inner courtyard with it''s buildings to art and culture. The old destillery building holds a space dedicated to art and business collaboration - the place in which young artists and designers find the proper space for creation and exhibition. The new art & culture pavillion is deditaced to local citizens as the main cultural centre holding cinemas, theatre halls, concert halls, exhibition spaces and an art centre for youngsters with a programme for every day cultural activities.

Outer ring

All segments of the surrounding ring hold the commercial premises and retail on the ground floor from the street side.. From the inside of the courtyard the groundfloor is dedicated to restaurants and offices ( in segments A and D). The first floor is fully dedicated to office space, all floors above for appartements.

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