Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The majority of large urban regeneration schemes fail to recognize the ambivalence of contemporary cities (global economy vs local users) and the schizophrenic mindset behind them. Post-socialist cities make no exception; continuous juxtapositions/overlaps, of both physical structures and social hierarchies, prevent us from approaching the peculiar conditions of citizens in a global economy. But behind the curtains of shopping malls and office boxes, the fundamental components of cities (people, communities) wait for recognition. Zagreb and Badel are the perfect chance to implement an alternative model of urban regeneration, that is at the same time sensible to local conditions and open to extra-territorial economic dynamics: equality and balancing effect are key-qualities of what we will call the Coexistence strategy. We firmly believe that a naturalistic and evolutionary vision is implicit in the term regeneration: as far as urban spaces can be assimilated to living organisms, they operate within complex and fluctuating systems, influenced by both external forces and internal pressure. To study and to understand such urban ecologies becomes the driving force of city’s transformation. Badel’s basic elements: the industrial archaeologies, the residential blocks at the northern edge and the compounds of superfetations acting as interconnective tissue between them. First fundamental action of the Coexistence strategy is to recognize and exploit the potentials of such urban ecology. When reality is more complex and intriguing than anything you can imagine, then you can’t avoid working with it. WE MEASURE THE PLOT’s CAPACITY NOT IN TERMS OF MAXIMUM SQUARE METERS FOR CONSUMERS BUT AS OPTIMIZATION OF THE EXISTING CAPACITY AND A COORDINATED VOLUMETRIC UPGRADE.

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3. nagrada, brutto 113.400,00 kn (cca 15.120,00 €) (Natječaj za izradu idejnog urbanističko-arhitektonskog rješenja za Blok Badel u Zagrebu) 27.05.2012


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