Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Vujic, Tamara, Autor
Martac, Aleksandra, Autor
Vujovic, Ivana, Autor
Duboka, Andrej, Autorski suradnik


Badel Site is a city area nestled in between the Vlaška street, Kvaternik’s Square, Martić Boulevar and Derenčinova Street. Bearing in mind the historical value of the site, being one of the very few remnants of the city industrial architectural heritage, we have designed a very sensitive solution providing an enjoyable and friendly environment for visitors.
One of the objectives was to make Zagreb a notable tourist destination with a vibrant city centre offering a variety of cultural activities for all ages. This urban block will be of vital importance for it will not be only an educational institution, but also a cultural and arts centre.
“The Culture Factory” is envisaged as a contemporary establishment housing galleries, filmmaking, digital media and photography rooms, studies, dance studios, cafes, restaurant, boutiques and various retail stores.
The main building is of sculptural shape with steel construction and glass shell, creating a unique landscape. With its glass shell and mixture of colors/materials – "The Culture Factory" combines architecture of old and new in a monumental sculpture that changes its character according to the weather and seasons. The reflectiveness and transparency of the glass facades breathe new life into the structure, leaving the impression of a charismatic building simultaneously reflecting and interpreting its surroundings.

The multi-purpose center, facing the street, is designed to allure passers-by with its garden, shops, cafes and cultural venues. Further, it has a broad potential to host various sorts of events, thereby bringing together the complex staff, visitors and guests.
Finally, adjoining the accommodation and business complex to the arts center, the design rounds off an all-inclusive establishment in the heart of the city.

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