Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Thatcher, Jessica, Projektni tim
Cuberos, Juan, Projektni tim
Gerland, Nicole, Projektni tim
Mosquera, Manuela, Projektni tim
Forero, Pablo, Voditelj
Restrepo, Julian, Voditelj
pelaez, camilo, Voditelj
Sanchez, Santiago, Voditelj projekta


The morphology in the Lower Town (Donji Grad) of Zagreb has always been characterized by perimeter blocks that enclose a communal courtyard. Comprised by a collection of diverse autistic constructions from different moments in history, the Badel Block became part of a select group of "in-complete" blocks. This condition is what makes the Badel Block so special, but not necessarily in a good way. We are confronted with an archeological site that can provoke a high level of emotional and intellectual debate. Conventional methodologies need to be abandoned in favour of unique processes and procedures. Our vision is to create a new building that neither celebrates nor hides history, but includes it.

We imagine restructuring the perimeter block in its entirety in order to embrace and enhance its own diversity. Like Walter Benjamin''s Arcades Project, we reconstitute the Perimeter block conjuring different fragments and compiling them into a single unit: an architectural collage.

Historically, perimeter blocks are known for creating a clear division between inside and outside. By creating huge cavities that allow connections with neighboring public spaces (like the market square) we create a new type of perimeter block, an inclusive rather than exclusive morphology. This urban porosity enlivens the courtyard and becomes an active urban element in the city.

Atop of the newly outlined block is a public terrace, a magical garden that crowns the Badel Block and offers different views of Zagreb amidst a natural environment. A sequence of platforms and terraces connect the ground floor with the Crown Garden allowing visitors to experience a unique land-mark.

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Taller 301 + Camilo Pelaez Autor


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