Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

WITKOWSKI, Boguslaw, Autor
Gola, Daniel, Izrada vizualizacije
Wawrzusiszyn, Ewelina, CAD suradnja


Hidden inhabited hills behind the protecting street elevations

Revitalize the post industrial history of the existing plot creating a kind of crisis in the city; in the primary meaning of this word: an opportunity.
It opens an opportunity to develop a new concept of spatial organization …based on the principle of mixed-city, sustainable solutions for future generations with respect for nature.

On the Badel block site we propose a high density cluster with no physical or visual negative impact, self sufficient for energy and zero carbon, no noises, no mobility problems, and based on functional flexibility and diversity.
The super structure is subdivided into several modules and enables phased realization of the entire cluster.
The proposed underground parking will in future be adaptable to new more sustainable functions. The green terraced superstructure is home to various services and living facilities. The living facilities are given private green open spaces, kind of suspended gardens dialoging with surrounding mountains and hills with a backdrop of Croatian fortresses and traditional building clusters.

The proposition is to save the existing Yest building as a sign of Badel’s significant industrial past by restoration, protection and putting impact of new urban structure. Correlation between new and old should be based on mutual interpenetration: old facade‘s divisions determine vertical and horizontal rhythm of new structure. Simultaneously multifunctional complex penetrates into remaining part of Gorica factory. It leads to total integration of the new with the old.
The same type of approach concerns the stylized portico next to administrative building. It determines mall’s elevation shape, which will be situated behind.

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Thornton Reynolds Ltd Konzultant


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