Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Baptista Rodrigues, Pedro, Autor
Leal, Ricardo, Suradnik
Saldanha, João, Autorski suradnik


The idea consists in creating a single spatial entity within the Badel block, erecting two entirely new buildings and restructuring the old refinery, giving it a whole new use.
In order to merge these three independent buildings into one urban structure, a large square was made to occupy the entire area in which they are encompassed. This square was lowered beneath the street level, thus creating three platforms that not only elevate each building but also contain a diversity of activities related to culture, leisure commerce, in order to make it suitable to people of all ages. This allows a series of routes that connects each building to the other.
The challenge in making these connections was not to create the most obvious links between areas. Instead, the connections are made in a much more subtle way, making it possible for one to retain as much information as possible while roaming through the site.
A specific function was assigned to each building; the south most one is occupied with an art gallery, the central one is a library and a restaurant, and the north most building is a hostel.
The reviving of this block will not only allow it to preserve its historical identity but will also bring it into XXI century Zagreb.

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Status projekta Natječaj


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