Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Our intervention aims, beyond the fulfillment of the requested program, to bring about an ordering and understanding of the scope of the competition as a coherent and orderly whole, endowed with a strong sense of centrality, in what should become a strategic place for peaceful coexistence of citizens.
This is fulfilled through an attempt to obtain with our proposal the maximum open landscaped public space, the largest re equipment of the area and substantially improve the quality of and integration into the surrounding cityscape.

The proposal is well adapted to the block, extending its boundaries and exterior alignments in a homogeneous field and with a continuous aspect, by docking and adapting to the existing buildings without reaching the height of the preserved facade of the building of Gorica, like a large classical foundation.

The proposed edificability is projected permeable on the ground plane, allowing a scheduled view from outside, directed towards the preserved buildings in the center of the block which become the heart and engine of urban regeneration of the sector.

On the edification-foundation, we define an elevated square with an urban garden which incorporates leisure and entertainment uses to encourage the flow of citizens and the pedestrian connection between the five projected volumes that rise to the fifteenth floor.

On the other hand, the proposal intends to claim the role of free space as a key element in improving coexistence and quality of life in our cities.
Hence the proposal aims to release the maximum possible public space and understood, not as the residual vacuum between the proposed buildings, but as that which constitutes the backbone of the various uses and activities.

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