Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Proposal: maitain 50% of open space in the block and 50% of ground surface as buildable area. Concept idea: Make the Yeast factory the central point of the block. Locate all the other architectural elements on the perimeter of the block and allow the open spaces to be on the central area of the block. Provide several gates accessing the block, and provide different points of interest attracting people to use this public space. The Yeast factory: can be use as a public library. The Spirits building: is reconverted in a movie theater. Keeping the main facade of the building and adding a transluscent third floor. It keeps its landwmark image and its new use increase its function and activity on the block. The community buiding: retail on the ground floor, office spaces on the upper floors, it becomes a referent for the community. Residencial buildings: retail stores on the ground floors, commercial spaces on the first floors and residential apartment units on the upper floors. The hotel: this is a 72 bedroom hotel that benefits from its location on the block. New construction area (above ground): 40,000m2 green roofs: reduces energy consumption and provides roof gardens to the community- Solar panels on the roofs: reduce energy consumption on water heating. Use geothermal energy to heat the buildings. Gardens: allow local vegetation to grow in the block. Locate streetlights and gardening elements in all perimetral sidewalks of the block, not allowing vehicular parking on sidewalks.

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