Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The main concept of the Project is an interpretation of “Badel Block” as a “European city block with courtyard” in simple way; however it gets its own organization from the specific features of the site. Although the city plan frames a regular city block, the site has significant industrial heritage that became the main focus of the Project. While sustaining the pattern of the city, the Project provides a freely accessible and visible public space instead of a private courtyard. Emphasizing the entrance to the courtyard, the boxes are raised up at strategic places which orient public circulation, and also remark the visual relationship between the city and the industrial heritage.
The Project has a mixed use of residential, working, cultural and leisure functions. The ground floors are used as retail function; the upper floors include residential and office functions. In the square the cultural events occur. It provides the integration between different functions that can be seen in the nature of city life. For the composition of functions, retail is placed at the ground floors with relation to the street life; the houses are placed in the south calmer part of the site; the part which has dense interconnection with the city is functioned as offices; the part which has a view of open-bazaar and the city park is functioned as hotel on top of the offices; and finally the modules in the courtyard are designed as cultural spaces that host temporary events.

The project’s significant sustainable side is its social value. Public spaces of the project organize the relationship between all the mixed use functions. Since the courtyard is opened to the public, it brings the citizens and the residents together.

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