Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The main idea of this concept.
- Creating a multifunctional complex that fits in the existing urban environment.
- Protection and returning the original exterior to the existing historic industrial buildings.
- Creating a comfortable environment for citizens.
Two entrances to the complex are provided from VLASKA street and DRENCINOVA street.
Two entrances to the underground parking are provided from the DRENCINOVA street and from the inside of the complex.
There will be additional pedestrian walkways from the outside of the complex.
Existing Transport System EMA city will not be changed.
Different functional areas are clearly divided.
The complex consists of the following functional areas:
Residential, Commercial, Retail Shopping, Restaurants, Culture (exhibition), Parking.
The central historical building could be seen from the corner of the streets through the glass wall of the shopping centre.
Apartments are located inside the block in order to insulate them from the noise of the street.
The roofs of the apartments will be used for additional gardening.
The central historical building will be used as an exhibition hall.
The facade of the second historic building on the SUBECEVA street will be restored and it will be the facade of the shopping centre.
In addition to the solution of functional problems, the primary goal of the design is to create a memorable image of remarkable multifunctional complex.
There will be a small public garden in the central part of the complex.
Retail space will be located primarily on the ground floor and on the perimeter of the complex in order to provide a good payback.

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