Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The presented concept aspires to further develop the planning ideas of the City of Zagreb for the area, as well as respect all limitations and other requirements of the programme while adding a new value to the area in terms of its public function and importance in the urban tissue of Central Zagreb.
The presented concept was entirely based on the following considerations:
Fill the empty space with a strikingly new mega-object with a unique canyon shape
Taylor the new object to precisely fit in the existing urban tissue treat the outside and the inside differently / respect street fronts while creating a unique green inner void.
Inhabit the new object - endow it with a meddle of functions: public spaces, some retail , many flats, some offices and a city hotel that will also make it economically feasible and sustainable
Connect it physically (and semantically) with the old market on Kvaternikov Trg
Mark it by placing a tower – such a huge new thing deserves its landmark in the city silhouette
Green it up –hide all cars underground and fill in the void and surrounding terraces with dense vegetation
Preserve and expose the old industrial buildings : the distillery becomes a stand-alone object, the south-eastern façade of Gorica Factory becomes the main gate to the new development, the northern façade remains as a possible gate/connection to Vlaska ulica
Respect all other consideration f the programme: provide for public and social function, meeting places, spaces for cultural and public events inside and outside, shopping, etc.
So there is the Badel Canyon Plaza at Kvaternilov Trg – with its Badel Plaza Hotel, the Badel Canyon Residences, Badel Business Centre and Badel Canyon Cultural Center.

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