Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


The proposal takes as its starting point "a reinterpretation of the old in harmony with the invention of new," which is done first through the reuse of historic buildings to be preserved through the integration of a contemporary language of formal and chromatic sobriety, and second with the creation of new buildings seeking a harmonious architectural language by drawing lines and appropriate scale but differ for various uses. The creation of axes of circulation inside the block are used to make connections between the buildings themselves and for the Badel Block be connected with the environment and promote the visual and functional integration with the city around it. This connection becomes even broader with traffic solutions that include the deployment of a bicycle lane, bicycle station and bicycle rack, promoting bicycle use as well as underground parking lots that will meet the demands of the new buildings. Solutions of site traffic have its core at Kvaternikov Square, where the bicycle station will be built near the existing Train Station.

The block’s identity is preserved by the continuity of the buildings on the perimeter and similar scale to existing buildings. The industrial facades were preserved but the buildings received contemporaries annexes. The Gorica Factory became Croatian Industry Museum and industrial facade facing north was used in the composition of an Exhibition Pavilion: a remarkable reuse and a legacy for the next generations. The spatial connections are made through the axes that connect the interior of the block with the exterior and form nodal points where are implemented social leisure areas, squares, coffee, restaurant, resting areas and others.

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