Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


Intervention strategy

Identity and character
It is consolidates the Badel block as a square - park dedicated to the Croatian city culture. It is reevaluating the historic buildings turning them into a hybrid system, incorporating the structure that connects all the main points within the block.

Reconstruction of the urban facade:
It strengthens the continuity of the facade of the block using the historical concepts of the architecture of the city so to achieve in a modern structure the mimesis in an ancient city.

Urban presence and local identity:
Is gestated by the intersection between a full volume and a vacuum volume, which the structure roams freely on the public mantle repositioning the losses urban and architectural relations until get erected on the top of the path as a tower that becomes the landmark for the neighborhood and the city.

Hybrid program:
The new block is projected as a multifunctional support for the neighborhood, adding more variety of functions necessary for the development of the neighborhood. The program includes a building consisting of: commercial, office, hotel, culture, housing, public spaces and parking lots.

Circulation and accessibility:
It creates a layered system of circulation that cross the block at different levels.

Materiality and sustainability:
First, its thought as a complex hybrid that manages to atomize the services that are needed in the neighborhood and also achieves shorten and compress trips and tours by citizens across the city satisfying their needs. The building fulfills a cultural and social role, renewing old industrial facilities as the new museum and cultural center of Croatia, it also creates a new urban center which is the home of the programs required in the development of the neighborhood.

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