Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Parroni, Filippo, Autor
Scrascia, Simona, Autor
Parroni, federica, Izrada plakata


The project was developed from three key points:
- Respect of the place
- Respect of the ''man who lives where and who needs space for relationships
- Requirements defined in the notice

To achieve this it is proposed an intervention characterized by various heights.
On the east side of the lot, the project will follow the nature of the terrain to the south will instead be two towers.
This is designed to achieve the optimum orientation for the different destinations of use and not to create a visual barrier against pre-existing structures that become an integral part of the project.
The key role will be given to the system of squares that will prevent the lot to remain closed with respect to the context and instead will establish a continuous relationship with it.
The two towers will act as antipolo of existing buildings as well as representing an important landmark of the city of Zagreb.
The project will give greater importance to the relationship spaces.
Therefore it was decided to avoid the traffic to ''internal lot in favor of the passage and parking of pedestrians and cyclists.
The vehicles will be parked in the two underground car parks (under the plate and the commercial market) set by intervention and meeting the standards of the notice.

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