Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment



The project answers the question on how to develop a composition of functionally complex, heterogeneous spaces providing vital urban point with interesting, rich possibilities for space utilization, at the same time ensuring that orientation is simple, clear and rational. The structure refers to the direction of construction alongside Vlaška Street, and with its layout relationships between the volume and the space it takes over the basic features of the dimensions of streets and block construction of the Zagreb downtown area.
Distinctive feature of the CITYGRAPHIC project is the artistic/graphic design solution for all facades in the service of creatively designing our living environment - movable metal plates that have ludic components as well as functional purpose.
Volumes that create a composition extend in North to South and East to West directions. Central pedestrian meeting point BADEL FORUM Square is located in front of the new theatre designed in the Old Distillery. The access to the three-level garage is from Martićeva Street.
Parallel objects placed from North to South are intended for commercial, business, hotel, and cultural contents. Volumes extending from East to West are residential. South facades are designed as winter gardens. All roofs are available to users and they are envisioned as parks with recreational areas.
Technology park is located on the highest terrace, hotel roof, and it contains wind turbines.
Facade of the building uses solar energy actively and passively. Rainfall is collected on the green roof terraces and part of the ground floor, accumulated in underground reservoirs and used for circulation of the so-called grey water. Noise protection is carried out by a double facade.

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