Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Bach, Nenad, Autor
Loncarevic Zibret, Lea, Autor
Hollinger, Gerald, Autor
Lax, Birgit, Koautor
Licitar, Hrvoje, Izrada vizualizacije


The Badel Block Site

A criterion according to which the house alters the meaning of the respective part of the city has been chosen.

The ground floor plays an important role in the pedestrian connection of all contents. Plot development is the basic modulator in shaping of the internal facilities'' structures. Due to its programmatic scope and the meaning it holds for its surroundings, the negative areas are not treated in the classical sense of full and empty. Here, “empty” signifies public, integrating areas, such as the city street, square or park.
The layout plan of upper levels towards the streets carries on the block idea of the quadrant, and it is more loose on the inside i.e. the courtyard side. The high business segment is placed with its longer axis into the junction of the Ignjat Fischer Building axis and the nearby Bartol Kašić Park.

The quadrant idea is taken over from the surrounding urban construction. The morphology and the height of the neighbouring construction alongside the block contour line are also taken over. The commercial, office and residential allocation of the new construction are also in line with the neighbouring purposes. Open and closed contents of cultural and social purposes occupy the central area. An uneven office tower refers with its lower segment to the neighbouring tower in Vlaška street. The facade design is the result of high energy-savings demands in terms of power supply. The glass front crystal reflects the business power of corporations.

A skyscraper, as an orientation point, enables recognition of the new neighbourhood potential from afar.

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