Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


We prepare the site and divide it into a 16 x 16 metre grid. Through this grid, we build up the full site area, completing the unbuilt block. We make this building a steel space-frame grid and raise it to the top floor level of the existing block structure. The height of the space beneath the grid is equal to the height of the existing buildings; the block is closed with an invisible façade. From the raised grid, we extrude small sky- and ground-scrapers. Leaving holes in the raised grid unfilled, we make the space underneath it a park. The park makes for a large open public space covered partially with a large roof, networked by a system of paths linking the wider area. Ground-scraper landings make for small sunken public plazas. The former distillery building becomes a focal point of the park, a pavilion. Heritage protected industrial facades remain as charming archaeological relics of a bygone industrial era, and act as gateways to the park. A big building, small buildings, a park and, all together, a block.The platform is filled with shops, galleries, restaurants, cafés and a community centre. The ground-scrapers contain offices and provide access to the platform. One of the eight-story skyscrapers is a hotel; the other six contain residential apartments. Two sets of panoramic elevators in the park present an additional connection with the platform. Another eight sets of stairways and cargo lifts are spread across the site. To fulfil the wider area integration, Šubićeva street north of Martićeva becomes a pedestrian street, allowing only tramways and supply to pass towards Kvaternik square. The street and the market across it, are overlaid with trees, connecting these spaces to the green space of the park and adding volume to the now awkwardly exposed market.

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