Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Prati, Carlo, Autor
Anselmi, Cecilia, Autor
Carlo, Giacomo, Suradnik
Di Felice, Emanuela, Autorski suradnik
Contì, Vincenzo, Suradnik - maketa


The Badel site urban- architectural ideas competition, Zagreb
The project idea that we propose is searching to combine all the functions, by means of a thorough endowment of surfaces based on the bid tender requests, in order to create a new and modern segment of the urban centre that is rather “dense” and respondent to economic and quality criteria that can better interpret the evolution of the site over time. The project will transform the area in a new multifunctional centre that is “open” to the city capable of giving a renewed significance to the identity of the neighborhood that thickens an ample variety of relevant activities in economic, touristic , commercial, cultural and receptive sectors, that can coincide positively expanding further beyond all the urban territory as a whole. The project activates a regeneration strategy that takes into consideration everything that is pre-existent and thus must be maintained (distillery building and the building facades 3-Gorica Factory and 4) but at the same time it proposes an insertion of a new organism that from within the area is capable of freely articulating with periodic emergencies the redesign of the skyline above the buildings offering a new iconic strong and distinct character for the whole area.

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