Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


AROUND THE BLOCK - inside/out

The strategy is based on the reinterpretation of the typical Zagreb block. The project aims to bring back the inner private void to the city. The closed block becomes an attractive place. A new public system is designed.
Two main structures are combined to reintegrate the Badel Block as a part of the lower town of Zagreb.
A continuous built line is used to recompose the block as one entity. This crown comes in prolongation of the built corner closing the plot and is adjusted to the context and the present building on the site. This massive line is decomposed in different layers. The lower layers are reserved for offices whereas the higher ones house different type of dwellings. An empty layer of belvedere is saved for collective purposes and social interactions. This belvedere offers a specific relationship in between city and block heart, preserving point of view and perspectives.
The ground of the block is considered as a large public slab, which is colonizing all the empty spaces of the plot. The definition of an inside network permits to cross the block. Two public levels are defined: the ground and the roof. The block heart is intensively occupied by the public activities: theater – library – nursery – leisure center- sport complex – exihibition hall, composed as a landscape. The roof is carved and becomes a fertile soil, allowing the growth of vegetation. The landscape produced is between the urban cliff and the wild nature. The existing heritage buildings become a part of the defined system and house new functions, with a new relationship to collective places.
A new urban fragment is designed on the Badel site, reinforcing the existing line of the site at the city’s scale.

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