Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment


History tells us that society maintains a relationship with the spaces around them, and all the places have a vocation and the whole space (building) has a function even if new and different from the current.
In this Proposal for Badel Block Competition, the paths, entries, the landmarks of the industrial architecture and vegetation have been preserved in their original positions, sizes and templates. The starting point is the Yeast Factory, as a landmark and a block identity. Revitalized and transformed in a Cultural Center – Badel Cultural Center.
All the rest of the block reverence, or just part of it, so the whole area of the tread design follows this concept, with the concentric design. The block is divided in five sectors: Cultural (C), Sports, Leisure and Market (A), Residential I (B), Business and Hospitality (D), and Commercial/Service and Residential II (E).
The Gorica building, keeping pace employed by the pillars and windows, typical of industrial architecture, and turned in the Gorica Office Center. Another building with exactly mirrored plant, thus closing the northwest side of the block is the Badel Hotel. A cover – Atrium, connects these two buildings. The others buildings are divided in Residential use (9 units) with 5 floors - R 1/2/3, and Commercial and Service use (9 units) with a different typology and architectural concept, with 4 floors - C/R and C/S.
The height of buildings respects the environment, following the region''s dominant skyline.
The intent of this proposal is, in addition to all the features of the Badel Block Competition, provide inner visions, people coming and going, light, communication between streets, open spaces to drink or eat, places to stay or wait. Ultimately, keep the idea and spirit of the European world-famous squares.

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