Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Vecci, Tommaso, Autor
Marino, Massimo, Autor arhitektonskog rješenja
Di Costanzo, Giuseppe, Autor arhitektonskog rješenja
Zanda, Lia, Autor arhitektonskog rješenja
Rinaldi, Annalisa, Autor arhitektonskog rješenja


The area of intervention is located in a urban compact system in the margin of the historical fabric of Zagreb. The objective of this project proposal is to design an architectural organism which could be able to become a reference point for the whole urban area, that is a densely built and inhabited area, composed by introvert residential blocks. This new settlement aims at generating a mixed system of residences and community spaces, tied by the strong and pre-eminent presence of nature. This new settlement actually borrows some pre-existing urban elements of the site, but it also tries – as far as possible – to generate a unique architectural system which merges the city with the new inner park. Pre-existing elements are actually considered an integral part of the new architectural system and they are strictly interconnected with the new park and the new buildings. In fact, the project is aimed at reconfiguring the spaces of memories not through preserving existing buildings in a sterile way, but through imbuing existing spaces with meaning: in this way, existing spaces can experience a new urban life where old and new converge, generating a unique space. Recognisable pre-existing elements and their memory can live in their own silhouette which has been actually emptied and brought to the essence, to become a new urban space. The new BADEL BLOK is conceived to totally exploit the pre-existing covering which actually becomes a new urban square that is raised with respect to the city level. Several escalators allow people to move, from the inner part of the building, to the new square which could host various activities, from relax to entertainment to different cultural events. We do believe in pre-existence as a value and as a symbol of a past which cannot be forgotten, but, at the same time, we believe that past memories have to be enlivened by up-to-date interventions to refresh their function and usability. Our BADEL BLOCK project is aimed at implementing an architectural system which is not only able to gain an architectural worthiness, but which is at the same time respectful of inner living conditions and of environmental impact with due regard to energy consumption. Energy strategy is based on the compact shape of the building, as a breathing organism.

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Status projekta Natječaj


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