Competition for the urban-architectural concept design for the BADEL SITE redevelopment

Hebar, Zoran, Autor
Jurković, Vedrana, Suradnik
Jurić, Tena, Suradnik
Cigetić, Petar, Suradnik
Hebar, Srđan, Suradnik
Blažinčić, Ivo, Izrada makete


Area is a pedestrian zone with underground connections to 1st floor.
The Ghost of distillery will be a symbol as multimedia center.
Inside construction will be of original metal parts, with facades from different kind of glass. There can be projections on the surface. The shape of old distillery will be illusion or virtual house with different lightening.
Vertical park is a green area which starts at the 1st underground floor and continues to the 3 rd floor with metal constructions, staircases and galleries with plants. There will be a big slide for sliding down from the top.
Above the square will be cloud of Badel flying on the sky. It will be made of the lighted balloons as a roof above the central area, connected to the steel constructions.
Pedestrian streets will be connecting the square with the surrounding streets.
The 3 entrances to the underground garages are from Derenčinova (2) and Martićeva. Capacity is 1200 vehicles or 1800 with the mechanical parking.
10 objects are high 2-14 floors, with 3 underground floors. They will be connected with bridges crossing above the streets. Above ground floor will be 84250 m2, in the underground 57780 m2. Retail is 29770 m2, commercial 34390m2, restaurants etc.9740m2, residential 15510m2, and culture 7070 m2.
Vertical park and a park between existing houses are connected with a lot of trees in the square and pedestrian streets. Every roof is a green park zone, used as private garden or a public space. That is important from visual and ecological point of view.
The whole area is designed with a lot of public opened or closed zones, from underground to the roof. Residential function inside of block is important. There are 150 apartments people can live in, choosing small one on the 1st floor or the penthouse with its own garden.

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